Online Advertising Campaings:

We are experts and professionals in the implementation and optimization of campaigns in the main online advertising platforms.

Each campaign developed and ran by the Monster Online team is a monster to create, engineered with innovation, creativity and our experience. We communicate the competitive advantages, the values nd the essence of the brand, the product or the service on each ad campaign. We establish the objectives between the client and the agency:

- Leads / Sales.

- Awareness.

- Engagement.

The fees for the administration and optimization of the accounts and campaigns vary according to the investment and the number of campaigns executed by each platform: Google Ads, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Bing/Yahoo!, Spotify, and Digital Programmatic platforms.



We offer one-on-one and group training courses in digital advertising, taught by the Monster Online team and special invited experts. To learn more about our courses, visit the Education page.


Creative Strategy: 

For campaigns that require a creative concept prior to its launch on digital platforms, we develop creative strategies, the planning and the necessary graphic and multimedia material for its execution.


Google Ad Grants: 

Google empowers Civil Society Organizations (CSO) and non-governmental nonprofit associations (NGO) to broaden their impact and visibility through paid-for-ad grants on the Google Ads platform. Monster Online is an agency committed to a better social environment. We are happy to help these organizations with the best management of their Google Ads’ campaigns.



We work directly with clients and also with advertising agencies that are looking for a specialized and professional online advertising service to complement their catalog.