The Monster Online team is constantly involved in training individuals interested in digital marketing. For more than four years, an average of 300 business owners, marketing managers, university students and professionals in the areas of communication and advertising have attended our courses and workshops privately and through some institutions and universities based in Guadalajara, such as the Brandhome Innovation Center, Technological Institute of Superior Studies in the West (ITESO), the University of Digital Arts (UAD), ÚNICO University and the Chamber of Commerce of Guadalajara.

Monster Online offers classroom based personalized training courses, taught by agency members and by special guest experts in digital advertising. One-on-one courses are available in English, but the classroom based courses are only taught in Spanish.

Upcomimg trainning sessions

Private trainning: 

- Google Ads Fundamentals. Learn to use the Google Ads tool from scratch in only five hours. For more information contact us.

- Google Ads Advanced. Aimed at people with prior knowledge in Google Ads whose objective is to make the most of the tool and its products through optimizations and analysis of key performance indicators. For more information contact us.

- Facebook and Instagram Advertising. Learn to target audiences and manage ads on Facebook and Instagram in a professional way with the Facebook Ads Manager. For more information contact us.